Why Salonou

We strongly believe that art should be “democratic” and widely available to see and interact with. That is why we are really proud of the fact that we render services independent of art dealers and auction houses, providing an unbiased and client-focused approach to the art market. And we do this better than anyone else as we know almost all our artists as friends. Plus, we are easy to cooperate with and always on top.

Our Manifesto

We’ve installed 1124 top-notch artworks. So far!

A pleasure to deal with

Paintings were exactly as described. We couldn’t be happier with this whole transaction. Thank you Salonou.

Office Manager

Recommend to fellow artists

Lovely people who, unlike many dealers I used to know, do not look down on you. Just be cooperative and you won’t regret it.


Art rental?! Yeah… it happens to really make sense for my firm

My employees love our brand new paintings. Option to rotate adds real value.


You can pick really spectacular artworks

Our tenants are really happy with those great pieces in the lobby.

Building manager

Great service! Appreciate good advices

Everything was installed exactly as visualized. Can’t wait for the rotation.


Way better than regular galleries

Salonou shares profits with artists on arm’s length basis. Selection process is really hard though…


Very well-curated collection

I was astonished by Salonou’s professionalism and knowledge about the art.


Contact Us

Whatever your needs, we are here to help. Start by sending us e-mail. There is no commitment or cost for the initial conversation.

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