Alek Czekaj

Abstract painter, sculpturer. He creates modern artworks that are evocative of great minimalists. 

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Alek's inspirations

Alek is a graduate of prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he did a university placement as professor’s assistant at the Graphics Art Department. He also studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. His main areas of interest incorporate sculpture, prints and painting. 

What does he create now

Alek’s main areas of interest incorporate prints and painting, and his aesthetic output is incredibly streamlined.

He actively participates in artistic events around the world, and numerous private collectors proudly boast of his minimalistic works that fit well into modern offices as well as high-tech living spaces.

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"Regardless of the subject matter, I am focused on the form. Shapes are only pretexts to express myself, and to create reality."


Beyond imagintion

Alek’s artworks bleed into their surroundings. This creates an unlikely depth in the painting that bends perception and, like an optical illusion, has the power to morph and change its form.

Artist's inspirations

Undefined forms

What inspires Alek the most as an artist is the structure of forms. His artworks conspicuously embrace the extension from painting to wall sculpture. 

Alek’s work purifies a wealth of influences into a rich simplicity that brings elegant, refined glamour to every space, and especially raw gallery walls.

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