1. How long is the art rental agreement?

We rent art for a minimum period of one month, but long-term art rentals are typical.

2. Is there a minimum order size?

No. You can rent only one piece of art.

3. Where do you offer your art rental service?

In the UK and all of the CEE countries. Yet, if your office is based outside of these areas, we might still be able to help, so just hit us with your inquiry at salon@salonou.com.

4. Who delivers and installs the pieces?

We have a team that takes care of all delivery and installation in cooperation with offices/buildings managers.

5. What are your delivery times?

Our delivery will suit your business needs. Usually, this is done during normal office working hours, although if needed, artwork can be installed in evenings and at weekends. As we stock most of the artworks on offer, we are able to install everything within a really short period of time.

6. How often can we rotate the rented pieces?

You can rotate the office artwork every 3, 6 or 12 months, depending upon the rotation plan you choose for your office/building.

7. Where do your artworks come from?

We source our artworks directly from well-recognized artists as well as selected talented, yet of duly discovered artists being graduates of the most prestigious art schools. 

8. What types of artworks do you offer?

We stock art (sculptures, paintings, graphics, collages) by a vast number of contemporary artists in a number of different styles to suit whatever interior design you are aiming for. You can choose from emerging artists’ work or acknowledged masterpieces.

9. How do we choose the pieces we want?

You can browse our collection and create your own wish-list, or – as many clients prefer us to suggest design suitable for their business type and office space after our site visit – we can suggest pieces for you. 
Art Rental