Discover our unique art rental service

Don't lift a finger

We provide our art rental service for businesses large and small, across a range of industries in the UK and the CEE region. Whether you are a large company looking to impress your clients or a growing startup interested in personalizing your space, we are here to help.  

Save on tax

Renting is tax efficient as payments are offset against business revenue. If you are a shareholder or partner in the 25% tax bracket, for example, every dollar of deductions saves 25 cents of taxes.

Earn credits toward your purchase

Most of the money you spend renting, you can offset against the cost of buying something you have fallen in love with.

Protect your cashflow

It is easier to budget, with art rental payments spread over time. One-time payment might become a significant outlay which is not good for your firm’s cashlow.

Enjoy your service

Our scheme is hassle-free as our team handles everything from curation to installation. Moreover, we provide corporate newsletters and run events with our clients to increase engagement around art.

How it works

Our scheme is hassle-free as our team takes care of everything: from help with choosing appropriate artworks, to getting it delivered safely, installed, rotated with the frequency of your choosing, and looked after. Plus, our services go beyond the art concierge – we can also arrange artist talks and even get artists working with you at office gatherings or off-site events.

Drop us a message

Choose your pieces online and/or consult with us

Wait for the delivery and watch our team installing your artworks

Rotate for free at the frequency of your choice

Rotate for free!

With our scheme, you can rotate rented pieces for free every 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on the plan you decide on.