Michal Wolangiewicz, CEO

Michal is an obsessed-with-Modigliani art lover interested in modern and contemporary art. Known for always encouraging young Polish artists’ ambitions, he founded Salonou, an innovative auction house providing art concierge services, in 2021. He combines career of an M&A/corporate attorney at a magic circle law firm with art dealing. He read law at the University of Wroclaw, London School of Economics and Columbia University (where he studied art law and market under supervision of Jo Backer Laird, a former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Christie’s), as well as economics at the University of Wroclaw. Michal is admitted to the New York bar. He is also a contributor to Forbes Poland.

Lukasz Szostak, COO

Totally in love with art. Lukasz is a graduate of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw.  He specialises in company law and the issues of international trade in works of art, art law and the art market. At the law firm, he participates in providing day-to-day services to business entities. He has gained his experience by providing advisory services to entities from the art & business sector and by working in a Warsaw law firm.



Michal Rejner

Michał Rejner replaced academic corridors with the streets of European cities, creating in their spaces his street-art, highly controversial works. He appeared in places where representatives of the artistic world gathered, he visited artists’ studios, he also looked for them visiting exhibitions in galleries or museums, from every conversation and observation, he extracted what was most important and valuable for him. He spent a lot of time at the Art Institute in Chicago during his artistic residency in the USA, where, as he believes, one can find a great diversity in the patterns adopted by the artists there. Participation in exhibitions: Blanc Gallery, Chicago, January 2018; Fulton Street Collective, Chicago, March 2018; Museum of Art and Sciencie, Milan, March 2018; Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, March 2018; BWAC, New York, May 2018; SqArt Gallery,

Dorota Lacek-Gorczyca

Dorota Lacek-Gorczyca is the only painter who uses the author’s own technique of luminophore, which allows one to see the picture in the dark. By using phosphor (a natural compound producing light), the artist paints two pictures on one canvas. The first layer is revealed and viewed by light, while the second layer is viewed in darkness. The content seen during the day, deepens its meaning at night, in the discovery of the second image. Her artworks can be found in the collection of the National Museum of Poland.


Kamila Stepniak

Kamila Stepniak is a graduate of the W. Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz at the Faculty of Design and Interior Design, where in 2009 she received her diploma in the Product Development Studio under the direction of Krzysztof Chroscielewski, Ph. Fascinated by the most famous and interesting interior and object designers, she also strives to maintain a dialogue between object and space.

She has always been interested in the pleasant and humorous works of Dadaists and Pop Art artists, such as Duchamp’s “Fountain”, Andy Warhol’s Campbell soup or Jeff Koons’ balloon animals. She believes that “Art should be something like a good armchair in which to rest from physical fatigue.” – to quote Henri Matisse. Inspiration from pop-art has breathed life into her design of a strawberry, a waffle chair and a series of gemstones.


Katarzyna Srodowska

Katarzyna Srodowska is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, majoring in painting and drawing. Member of the Mazovian Association of Fine Arts Artists. She deals with oil and acrylic painting on canvas. She paints worlds in which everyone can find peace and quiet. Her painting is full of space, horizons, simplicity and harmony presented in a minimalist way. Geometry and figurativism are two different worlds which give her imagination great scope. The main inspiration of her works is the surrounding reality. Minimalism and pure form are the essence of art for her, and the process of search visible in her paintings fits perfectly into the directive “the less the more”. She actively participates in collective and individual exhibitions. She collaborates with Polish and foreign art galleries. Many of her works can be found in private collections in Poland and abroad.