1. There is more to art than what you think

Fine art is something more than mere craftsmanship. It is not only about aesthetics, pleasure, or being a symbol of prestige or good taste. First and foremost, fine art is about big ideas. Decoding them is not only fascinating and gratifying, but also educational and fun.

2. Art is not only about esthetics

Working hours are just long for dull walls, no? Yet, fine art is not only about aesthetics, but also expression. That is why it stimulates creative thinking and foster conversations about important issues. Plus, it gives a brief vacation from the stress and pressures we face daily. And with us walls and lobbies will never get boring as you can rotate pieces all the time, for free, and without lifting a finger.

3. Art is more than just posh hobby

We believe that fine art should be “democratic” and widely available to see and interact with. That is why we are really proud that we render services anyone can afford, independent of auction houses and art dealers, providing an unbiased, client-focused approach to the art market.

4. Art makes a statement about the firm’s values

Art in a firm’s collection can demonstrate its character, sending a clear, yet subtle message about its core values. Moreover, it may be used as a powerful platform for catalyzing company-wide dialogue about diversity and inclusion as a strategy for business development.

5. Companies should incorporate art into their CSR strategies

Art provides for a perfect forum for communication, expanded thinking, and dialogue about pressing social issues. Given that, a well-curated corporate art collection may become an important component for creating a reputable organization that contributes to the betterment of society. As we know all of our artists as friends, we can help you with that better than anyone else.


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