Pawel Zakrzewski

Abstract painter, urban expressionist. He creates artworks referring to the world of physics in both macro and micro scale.

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Pawel's inspirations

An unrivalled Pawel’s inspirations are the works of great Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francis Bacon, and – last but not least – Marlene Dumas. Plus, what is worth noting, behind this energetic compositions and colour palette, a deeper and more pernicious sentiment is veiled: his childhood spent on reading about cosmos, aliens, and nature in general. 

What does he create now

Pawel’s paintings are a collision of colour, line and enshrouded faces of humanoids or… bugs with clear references to his idols, Baquiat and Bacon. He is best recognized for his bold paintings of unknown subjects set against monochromatic backdrops. His process of creating is somewhat spiritual, and he considers himself a conduit through which something distinct speaks. 

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"When painting a picture I sometimes need even the simplest sketch as an attachment point, which often changes its form during the process."


Be like Basquiat

Like Jean-Michel used to, Zakrzewski seeks to develop his own visual language, and intentionally leaves his work for individual interpretation, oftentimes trying to be ambigous on purpspose to force the spectator to wonder.

Bliskie spotkania III stopnia 120x90cm akeyl olej na płutnie 2018

Artist's inspirations

Extraordinary theme

This particular piece was inspired by the famous Steven Spielberg’s movie of the same title, which was based on real testimonies of witnesses from the 1960s concerning close encounters with “aliens.” This is a subject that has been igniting the imagination not only of scriptwriters and directors in Hollywood, but of all of us on Earth since the dawn of humanity. That is why Pawel, as he explains, “took the liberty of painting this picture to show in a slightly humorous way the extraterrestrials with whom people will possibly be able to communicate one day.”

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