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Karolina Futyma, From Birth to Death 3, 2017

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From Birth to Death 3, 2017, Karolina Futyma

160 cm x 130 cm

media: oil on canvas

provenance: directly from the artist

This is a unique work of art.

About the Artist

The theme of Karolina's paintings is the motif of a shell. Densely and layer-painted on canvases, real and light, emanates with the light frozen in objects made of resin. Repeatedly applied lasers with greasy medium allow to keep fresh and pure color, despite the layers of impastes and dense textures. Dominant colors, light, shadow and the whole inner dramaturgy of the works are painted in such a way that the viewer's eye follows the directions set by the artist herself. The map and space of these paintings are legible and at the same time open to the viewer's interpretation.

As for her reisin objects, they are not only extraordinary lamps, but also one of a kind sculptures. Based on experimentation, the organic forms Karolina creates are made from natural materials locally obtained in Danzig, where she is based. Creating objects accessible in form and design, Karolina is interested in the intersection between design and usability as much as the relationship between user and surrounding environment. “I like to see objects as living organisms, imagining them as they might have been if possessed a soul,” says Karolina.

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