Magda Chmielek

Magda Chmielek

Abstract printmaker and collage maker. She makes the world more bearable through her jubilant and colourful works of art.

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Magda's inspirations

Magda is a graduate of prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland. She works across print, art installation, and collage. Her uncomparable floral forms bounce and coalesce across the canvas. She is traditionally informed by modernist paintings and digital image production. 

What does she create now

Magda expresses herself through fast, deliberate and subtly off-kilter compositions. These add whimsy and comfort to creative spaces, being perfect for modern, lofty offices, or boho-style living rooms that blends old and new to create a unique, lived-in look. 

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"Let floral forms bounce and collide, it will make you happy."


Mastery in printmaking (linocuts)

Magda achieved the mastery in making prints that pulse and vibrate through a considered choice of tonal values and combinations of natural and artificial colour.

Pink roses, kolaż, ok. A4, 2019

Artist's inspirations

Epic collages

Magda’s collages are Pop-art-influenced being crafted from found images manipulated and juxtaposed into new concordances. In her last series, slices of faces from models headshots are overlaid atop others to create disconcerting hybrids. Other sources include popular magazines, and book illustrations, showing Magda’s interest in workaday imagery forced to go beyond its essential purpose.

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