Vitali Shoupikov

Abstract painter, magic realist. He can’t imagine painting without secret philosophical puzzles.

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Vitali's inspirations

The style in which Vitali creates his artworks is a mix of surrealism and humor with a shade of symbolism. His personages are living beings who appear their sins and virtue, hopes and illusions, loneliness, envy, love, and kindness. Does it seem like nothing special? He negates such an assertion showing unique, individual forms and philosophy of expressing deep human feelings. Each of his works includes the effect of surprise. The artist proposes viewers to dive into his “mental palace” to find the  true sense of his message.

What does he create now

He’s not suffering under the pain of creation. Ideas come to him all the time. Life itself and the events in it are the main endless source of ideas for his art. Also his dreams. The stories of many paintings came to the artist in his dreams.

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"I hope my paintings are intuitive for the viewer. And I think that it gives them pleasure to guess the main idea that I have said on the canvas. Nevertheless, I understand that my meaning, embedded in the plot of the painting can be in a good sense perverted by the viewers. Moreover, I am willing to agree with everyone who gives his own interpretation. That means that I've achieved what I wanted."


Magnetic pull

The magnetic pull of Vitali’s work is authentic, generated by both his ability to express a unique climate that speaks to subconcsious and his exceptional skill at rendering that feeling via the animal form. He pulls from the stylistic lessons of the classics and its derivations with animalistic subject matter, while redefining what it is to combine abstract and human motifs.


Artist's inspirations

Extraordinary characters

The artist was faced with the fact that not all viewers immediately understood the sense of his paintings. He is an animator by the previous profession and whereupon he decided to animate the history of his paintings. When he showed to them what happened in the painting – people just “exploded” in emotions.

For example, the “Ropewalker” painting has caught much more fans after video prehistory posting. Before animation, a lot of viewers did not even understand why the picture was titled “Ropewalker” (Watch the video below).

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