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Martyna Gorecka, Gr. No. 4, 2018

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Product Details

Gr. No. 4, 2018, Martyna Gorecka

oil on canvas

89 cm x 130 cm

About the Artist

The main assumption of Martyna’s paintings is
the combination of realism and abstraction. The main theme is seafood that is scaled up, and
presented in unnatural size. Inspired by memories of spending time near the water and contemplating the vastness of the sea Martyna chose to dedicate her talent to seafood only.

For Martyna, fish are not only the only important subjects of her works, but the effects of light and the complex relationship of color and form from one area of the painting to another. Her works are a summary of memories from the journey, an apparent abstraction reminding of a multitude of new experiences coming from her countless trips to the seaside. It is primarily an abstracted frame that reaches deep into her memory.

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