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Sylwia Wozniczka, Silesian Park Main Gate (Samurais), 2017

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Product Details

Silesian Park Main Gate (Samurais), 2017, Sylwia Wozniczka

140 cm x 140 cm

55 110 in x 55 110 in

media: oil on canvas

provenance: directly from the artist

This is a unique work of art.

About the Artist

Sylwia's painting style is realistic, mostly representing women portrayed against architectural backgrounds with an extremely high degree of detail. She is deeply fascinated with the aesthetics of Socialist Realism, which carries through as a recognizable element of her work. Her numerous portrait paintings stand as a reflection of an important historical period.

Sylwia finds it essential for the protagonists of her paintings to be people she shares a special bond with, combining an officially realistic aesthetic with a realm of privacy. Her work shows to be both innocent and perverse, which creates an intimate atmosphere.

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